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About The Practitioner

Hi, I'm Melinda Cicoff, LMT  CO # 10920 I've held state licenses in both NY and CO. Now my practice is exclusively in the Fort Collins, CO and surrounding area.
I trained at the renowned New Center, which became the first college to offer an AS degree in Massage Therapy.  We had hands on experience from day one and rigorous courses and extensive clinic with Pathologies.  I felt competent the day I graduated. That was almost 20 year ago.

My approach to massage treatments is customized to the individual.  After an extensive intake, and a discussion of complaints and goals, lifestyle and any medical conditions, I work to find and correct the imbalances in the muscles/soft tissues, etc. Or if it's the AMMA massage I do, we also address any blockages and imbalances of the Chi of the body. Essential oils are also a wonderful asset to many treatments. Each modality has it's on unique offering.

After 20 years as a Massage Therapist, I still love my work, after all it's not so much work as a joy. Yet, being a lifetime learner I still am actively learning new techniques to add to my massage treatments.  Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to work on many wonderful clients, among some were Regis Philbin, and other TV celebrities, Olympic riders, tri-atheletes, super star recording artist's guests, and dancers.  But, they did not get treated any differently then my other clients because all are important and deserve the best I have to give. Give back is important too.  I volunteered down at Ground Zero after 9/11, volunteered at the set of Extreme Home Makeover and did charity work for cancer events

Some of my interests include zucchini's rivaled "James and the Giant Peach" in size, about the size of baseball bats, and were more prolific then rabbits.  I enjoy cooking and discovered dozens of ways to use zucchini.  I love music and studied Opera for years.  Piano playing is relaxing. Art is another hobby.  Am slowly working on a book when I have spare time, (don't know where that goes - lol)  But, my greatest joy is my family,  six grandchildren and friends.